Something about me...




Love, welcome me, 

Welcome me, Beauty,

Welcome me, Earth. 

I welcome you,

Love, Earth, Beuaty,

I welcome God.

(Sand and Foam, Chalíl Džibrán)



"I love intense colours" and I am also a bit impatient. This was one of the reasons I became interested in acrylic paints. In addition to their fast drying quality, it is particularly amazing that they change under different types of light. They can thus be mysterious and keep us constantly in suspense as to what the next brush stroke will tell us or what other colourful tones will be revealed.

I started with smaller sized canvases, but was gradually drawn to larger spaces. In working with large format images, I especially appreciate the possibility of making a good splash. By blending colours and strokes, I can bring many things into the picture: dynamics, depth, the light haze of the invisible and the ubiquitous energies all around us.

I like abstract and intuitive painting. Among my pictures, it is possible to distinguish the following directions:  free creation, energetically active images and "strictly personal" pictures.

Therapist, healer, shaman

I treat on the heart-level, not the head-level. Most of the time, there is a huge difference between what we think and what our heart and soul really needs.

I often wonder what to call my job ... therapist, healer, shaman?
"I would personally call myself a shamanic guide. I see, I feel, I sense energy, colours, beings from different worlds"

Whether dealing with the plant or animal realm, the elements or levels of light - just as these worlds intermingle and help us, so my ways of healing are intertwined. I let myself be guided; I transmit healing energies, deliver messages, or just provide a required mirror. It depends on what each person needs at a given moment, how prepared they are and how open to change. I learn from various shamans and healers, but I also respect classical medicine. I also continue to learn from my own personal life and path, as there is no stronger experience than personal experience.

In my life, I have experienced heavy moments full of pain such as those that deeply affected me after my mother's death. I have experienced despair after losing a child, an attack on my ego through financial bankruptcy and a broken heart from a break-up. These were moment of hopelessness, loss of faith, and loss of confidence in myself. I stood at a crossroads - resignation or life. I decided I would not give up on my life and would instead draw upon my healing abilities which had become known to me long before. And how else, I had to start with myself. Nothing lasts forever, and as one Zen saying says: "There is always a clear sky behind the clouds." So the hours of weeping gradually transformed into hours full of well-being and harmony.

Those years were tough, but they taught me compassion and understanding of others. They also helped me to organize and confirm my own values and gave me the strength to embrace a new life. A life with a smile not only on my lips but also back in my heart.

Since then, I have always known that the universe is helping us. It is enough to reach out to it just a little, mainly by starting to work on ourselves. This does not mean to "go crazy" and start "floating" out of reality ... It means accepting new things, changing our points of view, getting rid of unhealthy patterns of understanding and behaviour, and opening up our hearts. And through all of this staying firmly on the ground in connection with Mother Earth.

Moderní abstraktní obraz "Bezpodmínečná láska""