Art that harmonise




"Deep and tall only goes into depth or height.

Only shapes with more dimensions

go in circles"


(Sand and Foam, Chalíl Džibrán)


Energetically active paintings that harmonise

Whether or not you believe in things between "heaven and earth," or whether you are somewhere in between just now, there is no need to think too much about my paintings. Stop, take time for yourself, and notice what happens inside you - how it feels, what emotions come up. You may feel nothing at first, maybe you feel hot or perhaps sense a flow of energy, or just that you feel good and you do not know why. Maybe you feel loosened up and relaxed, or fear and tension seem to fall from you. You feel lighter, more cheerful and pleasantly harmonised. In that case, I am delighted that my paintings are fulfilling their purpose …read more

2022; acrylic - spatula, mix of textures on canvas, 90x100 cm
2022; acrylic - spatula, mix of textures on canvas70x90 cm
Moderní abstraktní obraz "Vnitřní síla"
2018; acryl+oil, 100x100 cm
2018; acryl, 80x80 cm
Moderní abstraktní obraz "Bez obav"
2014; acryl, 80x100 cm
Moderní abstraktní obraz "Hezky"
2017; acryl, 100x100 cm

The Birth

2020; acryl+oil, 90x70 cm


2017; acryl+oil, 100x100 cm

Mary Mother

2020; acryl+oil, 50x70 cm
Moderní abstraktní obraz "Bezpodmínečná láska"
2019; acryl+oil, 65x90 cm
2020; acryl, 60x80 cm
2020; acryl+ oil, 60x80 cm
Moderní abstraktní obraz "Partnerský vztah"
2019; acryl, 80x100 cm
2020; acryl + oil, 75x90 cm

Large canvases

2022; acrylic - spatula, mix of textures on canvas, 140x115 cm
Moderní abstraktní obraz "Trojice"
2010; acryl+oil, 3pcs 40x60 cm
2017; acryl, 120x100 cm


2020; acryl + oil, 120x90 cm