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Love, welcome me, 

Welcome me, Beauty,

Welcome me, Earth. 

I welcome you,

Love, Earth, Beuaty,

I welcome God.

(Sand and Foam, Chalíl Džibrán)


My Life with Paintings and the Shamanic World

My name is Jana Hladíková, artistic name Jane H. (*1975)

As a shaman I guide clients through their inner worlds. As a painter I try to bring my inner world to the canvas.  Through my work with the Supreme Light, I also paint energetic abstract paintings.

People often tell me that my paintings speak to them. In addition to brightening up the interior, they feel they brighten up themselves and their lives. And that this makes them aware of the power of art.

 ...a long long journey that made sense

I've enjoyed painting since I was a little girl. I was fascinated by the world of colour. Playing with them, mixing them, matching them. Even then, I could feel their power and energy quite naturally. How intense they can be, how they interact. How they affect a person. And it's an absolutely amazing world to me to this day.

Unlike others, I enjoyed my art classes with a great teacher and I enjoyed them in spite of the fact that my parents were completely uninitiated in any area of art and didn't even consider it of any importance. Thus any encouragement and support of development of  my artistic expression was not on the agenda either.

Moreover, I grew up during the communist era, when there were not many professional options for artists , and consequently my further education was directed to a more “practical“ way of making living, to economics. Just between you and me - not really of any interest for the artist within me. :-):-):-):-)

...paintings and the Light have accompanied me all my life

In spite of all obstacles my creativity could not be silenced. My soul has found its way. With everything it needed to do so.

As an adult, I took a few classes and painted at home as a self-taught artist. My intuition is naturally very open and somehow it led me all by itself. In 2007 I painted my first larger canvas and a few others ...people loved it.

In spite of this success I put the brush down again because I was going through a very challenging time in my life. My mother was dying, my boyfriend and I lost our baby. The clothing store I was building wasn't doing well and I ended up going bankrupt. I broke up with my partner. Lots of worry, pain, despair and confusion.

Everything came in such quick succession. I didn't have time to process and cope with the first and before I knew another blow came already. Because I needed to function, I kept sweeping everything inside me "under the rug" and moved on. Of course, you don't get in this manner very far and neither did I.

After eight years I was at the end of my physical and mental strength. I was in a state of utter exhaustion and didn't know what to do, how to go on. Everything in my life suddenly ended. There was nothing to hold on to. No clue. I even found myself at a stage where I wanted to end it all.

I didn't see any new direction, no new goal. I couldn't. The only direction was towards myself and into myself...

...and here again the Light, art and paintings crossed my path. Even twice.

The first time it came when I was thinking about how to proceed professionally. Without investment and with only what I knew, I found, completely by chance, the folders with my drawings from various past courses. This find was the event that inspired me to set up the “Right Brain Hemisphere“ drawing courses.

The second time it came when I felt the sudden urge to stand at my easel and create. I let my brush dance across the canvas...and whether the need of my inner self connected with my natural intuition or with "higher guidance", I painted a picture called "New Beginning, New Life".


“Already at that moment I was working with the Light 
and this was my first energy-healing painting."

Even though I had no idea what I created at that time, I felt good about this painting. I hung it in my room and somehow I felt that everything was okay. Actually, it was my first energy-healing painting at that time, however, I didn't perceive it that way at all, it was more of a natural process for me.

...the painting that guided me

And really. This image perfectly captured my new direction. It guided and supported me for the next 10 years as I embarked on my healing journey. Healing my essence and my inner strength. My shamanic journey.

Often my eyes rested on this painting that hung in the room. I let it comfort me in times of trouble. It filled me with peace, awakened hope and strength to go on.

Shamanic teachings showed me the other side of our visible, material world.  At first I was a disciple, tuning myself. Then, gradually, I became a teacher myself and began to help others.

I became familiar with the shamanic way of healing. At the same time, I got a thorough grasp of "art" in depth and from all sides, because I used it extensively and still use it today. Both as a therapy for myself and later as a therapy for others.  In conjunction with other techniques that have worked for me and work great for others.

Thus began my conscious work with energy - with the Light, which I use for myself, in healing others, and especially in painting images.

...applied art

The visual art has been with me all my life, but it wasn't until my shamanic work that I took my perception and painting of images to the next level.  Thanks to this, I am able to create energetically active paintings.

I like to call them applied art. That's because the point of these paintings is for you to use them. To be nourished and supported by them. To enjoy them! the gallery


I focus on abstract painting. I like it.  It gives me a lot of space to express with colors and strokes what I feel, perceive and in a form that sets no limits. It also gives space and freedom for you, the viewer, to find "that part of you" in the painting, the resonance of your personality and your life story.

I love intense colors and I am also a bit impatient. This was one of the reasons I started working with acrylic paints. Besides the fact that they dry quickly, they also change with different kinds of light. They can be mysterious and keep us in suspense. What brushstroke will tell us next, or what other colour tones will reveal themselves. In time I have also discovered the magic of oil paints and their subtlety. I like to combine these techniques with each other.

I started with smaller canvases, but gradually became captivated by larger areas. It’s this large format paintings that allow me to really get my ‘swing‘ on. By blending colours and strokes I bring dynamics, depth or, on the contrary, a light haze of invisible and omnipresent energies into the painting.

My abstract paintings are created intuitively and over time have developed into three directions: personal paintings, energetically active and free-form.

Therapist, Healer, Shaman

Painting is a natural part of my life, as is healing myself and others. All of this complements and connects to each other. I work at the level of the heart, not the head. Because most of the time there is a big difference between what we think and what our heart, soul really needs.

I often wonder what to call my work, a therapist, healer, shaman?

I would call myself a shamanic guide. I see, feel, perceive energies, colors, Beings from different worlds that communicate with me.

Whether it is the plant or animal kingdom, the elements or the light levels - just as these worlds intertwine and assist us, so do the ways of healing processes for you. I let myself be guided, I am a bridge between worlds, I forward messages or set up a necessary mirror. Exactly as the people need at the time and depending how ready and how open to change  they are.

I learn from various shamans and healers, but I also respect classical medicine. Above all I learn and draw from my own experience as there is no more powerful experience than the personal one.

"100% of the Light"

Only after I went through the process of a pranic diet, I connected fully with the highest Light - the Source - and began to actively work with it.

There have been difficult times in my life filled with pain, despair, an attack on my ego and heartbreak. They were moments filled with despair, loss of faith and trust in myself. Moments when I fell to my knees several times and moments when I found the strength to get up again and take the next step.

This too is a shamanic way of learning. To live through, to process, to master, to learn, to gain strength and to grow. Then you can lead and pass on.

That's also how my journey began, when I was at a crossroads - resignation or life. I decided not to throw mine away and capitalize on my healing skills that I sensed long before. 

Those years were hard, but they taught me compassion and understanding of others. They also helped me to further organize and affirm my own values. Thus strengthened, I was ready to step out into a new life. A life with a smile not only on my lips, but back in my heart again.

Since then, I know that the Universe is there to help us. We just need to meet it a little bit, especially by working on ourselves. It doesn't mean to "go crazy" and start "flying" away from reality. It means accepting new things, changing perspectives, getting rid of old and no longer functional patterns of behaviour and opening our hearts more. And in all of this, having our feet firmly planted on the ground in connection with Mother Earth.


Woman, human being

As a woman and a human being, I know how easily we can get lost. I have come to the very edge of the abyss, to the moment when I realized that I have only myself, that what's inside me, that what I can do and that being I can become.

Thanks to the help of my friends, my father, and my guides- protectors from the visible and invisible worlds. Including an animal one who has protected and guided me for twenty years - Teci my cat.

Because of that, I know what life is all about. And that's what my paintings and shamanic work for you is about.

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