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"Deep and tall only goes into depth or height. Only shapes with more dimensions go in circles" 

Chalíl Džibrán, from book Sand and Foam
Moderní abstraktní obraz "Vnitřní síla"
energetically active paintings
Moderní abstraktní obraz Jane H . z cyklu "Osobní obrazy" pro Andrejku- Vztah
painting of personal images
Moderní abstraktní obraz "Zelený bod"
I like make a good splash
Moderní osobní abstraktní obrazy Jane H. v interiéru domu
...when art finds their home
Moderní abstraktní obrazy Jane H.
what happens in front of canvas and behind

Jane H.

painter and shaman

"I like abstract and intuitive painting. I am a bit impatient and I love colors."

Good evening Jane. The paintigns is beautiful. I'm moving today and it will take a while to find a place for him, but I'm so happy for him. Thank you so much and keep painting!
Milan Havlis
Jane's painting has been brightening up our kitchen for a few years now. Unfortunately, due to the fact that Jane often organizes successful exhibitions, we constantly have to say goodbye to him. On the other hand, once in a while it gives us an image that is 'new' and unseen. It took us a little while to return after the last exhibition, so the children sometimes ask where 'our picture' is. We will really have to stop for him! Thank you, Jane. We are fine with him! Pavla and Víiek
Pavla and Vitek
Moderní abstraktní obrazy Jane H. - realizace
'I've been looking for a painting that appeals to me for some time, until I clicked on this one on the Internet by complete accident and knew - it's him. It has a soul for me, a deeper meaning when I look at it - because we already have it hanging in our house. It beautifully underlines the modern interior and warms our home. Our whole family likes it too. Jane H. Thank you very much for the picture and I wish you many more painting inspirations. Blanka S.
Blanka Schmidtova