The paintings which I call "strictly personal" mirror the desires and dreams of the person for whom I paint. The goal is to support this person on their path through life, with the help of colours, symbols, and energy. The result is a perfectly balanced image which is precisely what their body and soul needs.

These paintings work on the same principle as my energising paintings, but their power is multiplied by being personally painted specifically for you, your family, your apartment, your house or your office.

As with my energising paintings, I combine my shamanic healing with my painting work to create a unique original.

I particularly like this part of my work. I enjoy sharing with people; sharing light, beauty and messages intended for them, through their own personal image. I know that through this painting I will, for a short time, become part of their life journey, hand over all messages that come to me for them, and thus be helpful in shaping their ongoing happy life.

Always bear in mind that it is the task of each of us to experience life intensely, to fill it with love and joy, to experience and also to learn something. And through all of this, your "strictly personal" image can support you.

Just take a look!