...in front of canvas and behinde 

I love nature and sleeping under the canopy. I love the mountains, stepping on the hills and wandering. I also like to wander through invisible worlds, where I accompany others with the help of my shaman drum. Tecinka, a great teacher and my love in the form of a cat, was part of my journey for 19 years and 9 months. I like to laugh and fool around. When I like some clothes, I wear them all the time, to the tear and often even then 🙂 I like to enjoy coffee, where I sometimes balance on the edge of addiction 🙂 Hearts that appear all around me are imaginary stamps that everything is In the best order.

People I've met or are now around me. Everything I have lived or are currently experiencing is an inspiration to me.

There are days when things are going well. Like the days that are filled with tears and I wander in the fog. Days when I stand in front of the canvas and nothing comes. The desire to create is great, yet the canvas remains white ...